Idea Box Overview

Idea Box Overview


  • Keeping up with all the product feedback, feature requests, and ideas users suggest is challenging. 
  • All of this confuses your team members regarding which requests they must prioritize, leaving customers hanging. 
  • Using spreadsheets and other boards to keep track of feature ideas is overwhelming. 


Chisel’s Idea Box is a powerful tool and is the only solution to all the above problems.

Idea Box is a place to safely store all your product feature requests and ideas coming in through customer feedback. 

Track and Prioritize Ideas Efficiently

Create and manage your ideas by organizing them via labels, linking features, pining them, and providing prioritization roles. 

Involve Everyone 

Ideabox gives you space to name the user who’s given the idea and an assignee who can take further action and enhance the product. 

Make better product decisions, and let your customers know that you are listening to them by using Ideabox. 

Note: Learn more about how to use Idea Box.