How do I get high-quality survey responses using Chisel Audiences?

How do I get high-quality survey responses using Chisel Audiences?

Surveying requires a good combination of the right questions to the right audience. At times, it’s challenging to get the right survey-takers to receive the feedback you need. 

Here are some cases where it may be useful to expand the survey responses to include an audience panel.

  • Not (immediately) having the fitting number of respondents to take the survey.
  • Not having the timeframe required and the shortage of audience base or contacts to send the survey to.
  • Needing the precise group of respondents/population, which may not be accessible to you. 

Let’s look at an example to put things in order:

Consider a company called “Coasters” that specializes in bringing together the world’s best coffees in one platform. Now, you must survey different batches of people of varied age groups to understand their preferences and tastes. Maybe you need an age group of 60-70, but it’s inaccessible. In such cases, where you need access to specific responses, buying responses is a great option to explore.

How will buying the responses process work? 

The high-level overview is as follows:

  1. Craft a survey using the templates or from scratch in User Surveys
  2. From the Panel option in ‘Get Responses,’ choose your desired audiences and make the total payment
  3. Sit back, watch the responses roll in, and analyze the data.

A step-by-step process:

Once you select the Audiences on the left navigation panel or panel in the survey collectors section, you will be brought to the navigation landing page.  On this screen, there are four different options to narrow your target audience: Country, Age, Gender, and Income. There is also a slider that lets you select the number of respondents that you want your survey to have.

  1. In the User Survey, create your survey questions.
  2. Go to the ‘Get Responses’ tab, click on Panel
  3. Give an audience panel collector name, hit Publish
  4. Go to Audiences and select your desired audiences
    • Select the country, perhaps you wish to know more about coffee usage in Ireland.
    • Grab and set the slider for the age group you wish to target, say coffee enthusiasts in the 25-60 age bracket.
    • Click on gender to select the specific gender you wish to survey or both.
    • Choose the household income of the people you’d like to survey.
    • Expand the ‘More targeting options’ to view a broad spectrum of different ways to target your exact audience. 
    • Now, choose the number of responses you need. Set the slider to the sample size of the audience. 
  5. As you carefully choose the target audience options, your survey estimate fluctuates.
  6. Here, you can view the survey details, delivery time, and estimated cost.
  7. If you are tight on the deadline, select the completion date to get quicker responses. 
  8. Once the process is completed, review the details. 
  9. You will be brought to the payment screen where you can enter your payment information.
  10. Survey results will start flowing into your account in real time. 

What’s Next?

After you’ve submitted your desired target audience requirements, Chisel sends your survey to the people who fit your criteria without compromising on the accuracy of the survey. 

Once the survey results start coming in, you can begin analyzing the data trends and the individual responses. 

Who’s taking the survey?

Our panels are representative of a diverse online population that voluntarily joined a program to take surveys that are managed by our trusted partners. 

What’s the timeline for getting survey responses? 

The search for the audience that fits your criteria will take a few days. Therefore, it’s important to note that the survey data won’t be available immediately. The time taken to get the responses will vary from survey to survey. It will mostly depend on the criteria and the completion date you may have added. 

However, remember that the results will be completely worth the time!

How is the cost calculated?

The total cost of the survey responses depends on several factors. 

  • The immediacy of the survey results 
  • Required number of responses
  • Required number of questions
  • Your survey criteria- the more focused and nuanced it is, the cost rises accordingly. 

You can view the estimate on the right side of your Chisel Audiences collector.