How To Use the Feedback Portal

How To Use the Feedback Portal

Click on ‘Feedback Portal’ in the left navigation bar under the Discovery pillar.

You will reach the PM portal, which is the product manager-facing portal.

PM Portal

A PM portal is where you can see the overviews of the ideas that customers have submitted.

  • To begin with, you can view the number of total ideas your customers created in the ‘Customers Ideas’ box. Here click on the customer’s ideas button.
  • You will land on the ‘Idea Box’ workspace. Here you can view all the relevant ideas given by your users. You can also filter your ideas by clicking on the ‘Filter by ideas’ option at the top right-hand corner.
  • Click on the expand button to filter either the ‘workspace ideas‘ or the ‘customer ideas.’
  • The ‘Ideas Created’ section is divided into three categories: Nice to have, Should have, and Must have. Here you can see the number of ideas created divided on the basis of their importance.
  • In the ‘Ideas Created’ box, you can also hover over the expand icon and view the ideas created for ‘This Month’ or ‘Overall.’
  • You can find the Share Portal section on the bottom left of the screen. 

Get the ins and outs of an idea or feedback suggested by your customers or teammates by using the customize the Idea template feature. This feature is only accessible to Enterprise customers.

If you have an Enterprise plan, you can create multiple feedback portal. This can help you to get feedback on different products, features, or audiences.

Share Portal

Customer Portal

The link that you share with your customers will take them to the ‘Customer Portal’  page. It is a user’s space to submit their ideas and where they can view they features published by the PM.

  • Here, click on the ‘Submit Idea’ button, and the Idea card will appear.
  • Customers need to give a title to their idea, elaborate it in the description box, and add their email id. They also need to give importance to the idea so that you, as product managers, can prioritize it accordingly.
  • Finally, click on the ‘Submit’ button at the bottom.

As an Enterprise user, you can give the status or more context of the feature using the portal tab when publishing the feature on the customer portal.

Advanced Customization 

You can personalize the customer portal to help you talk directly to your users and represent your brand. The customization can be done for:

  1. The Company Logo
  2. The Welcome text(Welcome to…)
  3. The Sub-header messaging(Help us shape the future of…)
  4. Theme(includes the change of color for the background, portal card and the status tabs, etc.)

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