Learn How to Setup and Use a Kanban Board

Learn How to Setup and Use a Kanban Board

Now that you have features and components, it is important to be able to track their progress in a sprint.  One of the best tools to do this is a kanban board.

A kanban board helps you see the status of a feature in a specific release.  

The columns of the kanban board correspond to the various different statuses that a feature can have.

  • In order to add a status, simply click on the “Add Another Status” button located to the right of the statuses you have. 
  • Once you do, a text field will appear, letting you enter the name of the status. After you have chosen a name for the release, simply hit Enter.
  • Moving features between statues is straightforward.  To move a feature from one status to another, simply drag and drop the feature to a different status.

Congratulations! You can now track which features are where in a specific sprint!