How to Use Your Score

How to use Your Score

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Chisel’s Team Radar pillar was made with the intention of ensuring that everyone’s voice was being hear in the process of making the best possible product since different people bring different expertise.  The Your Score view is the mechanism by which team members are able to quickly and easily share their opinion.

Your Score Landing Page

Upon clicking your score on the left-hand side navigation bar you are brought to the landing page for the Your Score view.  As you scroll down the page you will see all the various features that were entered into the product grouped by components and the corresponding score that was calculated for the treeview.  There will also be two different parts of the screen where a user can enter data to evaluate the feature.  The “Your Score Slider” and “User Comment” boxes. 

Rating a Feature/Components

The process for rating a feature is relatively straightforward.  Select a feature that you want to rate and drag the slider to the corresponding score that you feel is appropriate.  Once features in a component are rated the component will also be given a score based on the average of all the features.

Adding Comments

In addition to scoring the features on a 1 to 100 score, you can also add feedback in the form of comments.  In order to add a comment simply click on the add comment or a pre-existing comment and a text box will appear letting you type whatever you need.  Once you are done simply click out of the text box and the comment will save.