Product Tour

Product Tour

Welcome to Chisel! 

Chisel is a powerful product management tool that helps support a product manager in the three most important aspects of their job:

  • Managing the product roadmap/backlog
  • Keeping the team aligned on what they need to work on next
  • Conducting user research using the product feedback pillar to determine the needs of the customer


The task of helping a product manager manage their backlog and build their roadmap is done in the Roadmaps pillar of our product. 

The roadmaps pillar is broken down into four different views. 

The first view is the ‘Treeview‘ which fully displays all the components/epics that you want to build and all the features that accompany them.

In the treeview, you can rate features based on various criteria that you deem important in order to create a prioritization score for your features.

You can see the features sorted by the releases that you placed them in and move them accordingly in the release view.

The second view is the ‘Kanban‘ view.

In the Kanban view, you can see the status of your features and adjust them as they change during a sprint. 

The third view is the ‘Release‘ view.

In the Release view, you can see which features are planned to ship and in which releases.

The fourth view is the ‘Timeline‘ view.

In the timeline view, you can get an overview of the progress of your product.

You can also see when the team has decided to build specific features.

Team Radar

Chisel’s Team Radar pillar is responsible for ensuring that everyone stays on the same page in your organization. 

The team alignment pillar has 3 important screens. 

The ‘Your Feedback‘ screen ensures that everyone gets their voice heard by providing them a place to give their feedback on the PM’s score. 

The ‘Alignment Matrix‘ provides the user with a visualization of people’s feedback on the features that are planned in the backlog. 

The ‘Team Score‘ lets the PM see everyone’s opinions of a feature.

It also requests team members to rate a feature if they have not done so.

Product Feedback

If you want to understand what your customers are thinking, Chisel’s ‘Product Feedback‘ pillar helps you do exactly that. 

If you’re looking for a place to keep all those great ideas and suggestions from your customers and coworkers, look no further than Idea Box. Here you can keep track of all the ways to improve your product and ensure nothing falls through the cracks.

Note: To learn how to use Chisel’s Idea Box, click here.

Do you want to get feedback from your customers that can help improve your business? Then you need a feedback portal.

Our Feedback Portal is a great way to collect customer feedback and ideas. It allows customers to share their thoughts and ideas with you, and you can store and prioritize the ideas. Plus, it’s all done through a simple link.

Note: To learn how to use Feedback Portal, click here.

The Survey screen lets users create surveys and send them out to their customers in order to get feedback. 

If you don’t have a set of customers you can email, no worries. You can simply use Chisel’s Audience panel filter to send out the survey to your target audience.