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How do you archive features?
You can archive features in two ways: the first is by clicking on the checkboxes located to the left of the feature in the treeview, then a popup will appear letting you archive the features. The second way if by opening a feature sidepanel and toggling the archive option for the feature.
How do you customize PM score?
You can customize the PM score by clicking on the "Score" in the treeview. Once you do a sidepanel will appear with sliders for adjusting the PM score weighting.
How do you get feedback on a specific feature from one team member?
You can get feedback on a specific feature from one team member by clicking on that team member in "Team Participaiton" and then clicking on request vote for the feature you want feedback on.
How do you go to upgrade your plan?
You can upgrade your plan by clicking on your profile icon located at the top right-hand corner of the screen. Once you do there should be an option to select billing settings. Once there you can change your plan to suit your needs
How do you close a survey?
You can close a survey by marking the collectors for the survey as complete. In order to mark a collector as complete go to the overview page for that survey by clicking on the survey in the survey dashboard. Once on the survey dashboard mark the collectors as complete.