How to Get Feature Feedback From Your Team

How to Get Feature Feedback From Your Team

Taking feedback from your team members on various features is one of the best ways to improve your product. 

By getting feedback from a wide range of people, you can make sure that you address your target market’s needs and wants. Additionally, taking team members’ input helps build morale and keeps everyone on the same page.

Chisel lets you do all this with ease. Let’s get to know how to do so!

Open the ‘Team Participation’ tab. Here click on the ‘ Request Team Vote’.

A bar with a message will appear. You may click on the ‘Send’ tab to invite your team to provide prioritization feedback.

An email will be sent to all your team members asking them to rate these features. 

Once your team members click on the link they will be brought to the ‘Your Feedback’ tab, wherein they can give their scores to one or all of the features by simply keeping the cursor on the ‘+’ icon and moving it towards the score/number they wish to give to a particular feature.

You can also choose to add comments to a feature by clicking on the comment box located to the right of all features in the “Your Comment” section.

You can also ask a specific team member to vote for a particular feature. You can do it by clicking on the ‘Team Participation’ tab and selecting the team member you want to ask to vote.

Simply click on the ‘ Request Vote’ button, edit the message, and send it.