How to Archive, Restore and Delete Items

How to Archive, Restore and Delete Items


Maybe you want to put a feature on hold or delete an item because the issue has been resolved. Fret not. Chisel lets you do all of that effortlessly. 

In simple steps, let’s understand how you can archive, restore and delete the items from Chisel.

How to Archive Items?

Chisel supports the archive feature by letting you store items that you don’t need access to regularly. 

To archive any items in roadmaps, you will need to place your cursor on the feature you’d like to archive. 

Once there, click on the ‘Open feature’ icon. (insert icon image)

You will find a side panel that opens up on your right. In that, the second category of Prioritization, you’ll find ‘Archive Status.’ 

Click on the toggle, and a notification will appear stating your item is archived. 

Take note of how once the item was toggled off, the feature was hidden from view in the treeview.

In Kanban and Release, you can click on the feature and a palm cursor will be displayed. 

By simply clicking on it, you can follow the next steps same as the above. 

How to Restore/Unarchive Items?

There are two simple ways you can unarchive the items.

One way to do this is by clicking on the ‘Open Feature’ icon(insert icon image here) on the feature you’d like to unarchive and a side panel will appear.

Once you have the side panel open, scroll down to the second category of ‘Prioritization.’

To restore a feature, click on the toggle corresponding to the Archive status. 

You’ll get a notification that that feature/ item is unarchived on the top right.

Take note of how once the feature was toggled on, it was visible again in the treeview.

Another way to archive the features is to click on the ‘View Archive’ icon(insert icon image here) displayed on the right top page of the treeview. 

You’ll be redirected to a new bar of ‘Archived Items.’ Here you can find all the features you have previously archived. 

Tick mark all the features and items you want to restore. Once you select all the features, a purple bar of the ‘Unarchive’ tool will be active at the end of the bar/page. 

Simply click on it, and your items will be restored.

How to Delete the items?

Chisel lets you delete the features, products, or any other components you wish to put in the trash can.

In treeview, point your cursor to the item you want to delete. Once here, a dash-like minus icon will be visible to you. 

Once you click on the minus icon, Chisel will ask you to make sure you are deleting the correct item or not. 

Simply press the delete button, and your item will be deleted.

Make sure you check whether you have selected the correct item before deleting it.

For Kanban and Release, you can take your pointer cursor to the top-right end of your features.

Six ‘ Feature Actions ‘ will appear once you click on the edit icon(put icon image). 

Click on the ‘Delete Feature.’ Chisel will confirm if you are deleting the correct item. 

Once you are sure, click on the delete feature button, and that feature will be deleted permanently.