How To Publish Features From the Feedback Portal

How To Publish Features From the Feedback Portal

Planning to work on or are already working on a feature and wish to get feedback from your customer(s)? We have the right tool for that.

Our Feedback Portal’s publish feature tool lets you share the feature and get relevant feedback and other comments. 

How to Access the Publish Feature Tool

From Treeview 

  • In the Treeview section of the Roadmap pillar, expand any feature you want to publish. A data side panel will appear. 

Note: If you’ve already published that feature to get feedback, you’ll be able to view the customer feedback.

  • Click on ‘Links‘. Under that, expand the Customer Feedback.
  • Two sections of internal and published to portal will open up. You can edit the second section of ‘published to portal.’
  • The name and description you type here will be visible to your customers. You can also attach images and add rich text to give elaborate details of the feature and what it means.
  • You can also select multiple portals to publish the same feature.
  • Now, click on the ‘Publish Feature’ button at the bottom.
  • To get feedback on this feature from your customers, copy the link you get and open it in another tab or share it with your customers. 

From Feedback Portal

  • Click on the Feedback Portal from the Product Feedback pillar on the left-hand side of your workspace. 
  • This is the Product Manager’s portal where all the necessary data related to the features published on the Customer Portal is visible. 
  • Go to the ‘Features published on Portal’ card, and click on the ‘publish feature’ button. 
  • In the search bar, type the name of the relevant feature you wish to publish. Select the product, followed by the component, and finally, the feature. 

Creating and Managing Multiple Feedback Portals

Note: You will need an Enterprise subscription plan to avail this feature. 

You can create multiple Feedback Portals for different products, features, or audiences. Within the same Chisel workspace, you can ask for opinions and feedback on various products and features from customer segments by showing them feature ideas that fit their needs. 

  • Start by clicking on ‘+Create New Portal’ at the top right corner of the Feedback Portal pillar.
  • Enter the portal name, click ‘Create Portal,’ or press the Enter key. 

Congratulations! Your new portal has been created. You can start publishing features to share with your customers.

  • You can access your various portals in the top left corner by expanding the portal names. Here you can also search, rename, and delete your feedback portals. 
  • You can share multiple portals with your colleagues using the link. They can see it as the customer itself. However, for them to view all the details wrt the feedback, such as comments and the overall graph, they have to log into Chisel and access this information from Feedback Portal.

Publish a Single Feature in Multiple Portals 

Note: Check if the particular feature is already published in any feedback portal. If yes, follow the steps below. However, if not, we suggest you publish the feature from Treeview or the Feedback Portal in at least one portal. 

  • Click on the published feature card from the ‘Features published on Portal’ list toward the right side of your Feedback Portal.
  • Click on the published feature. Expand the ‘Published in‘ button.
  • Toggle next to the portal you wish to publish that feature in.
  • Even if you decide to unpublish the feature from the portal, the data captured will be visible in the side panel.
  • When publishing features from Treeview, you will have the option of selecting multiple portals.
  • Every feedback, request, and idea submitted by your colleagues and customers on any portal will be stored in your Feedback Portal in Chisel. 

Adding New Features From the Feedback Portal

  • If you want to add a new feature, you can also do that from here. Simply type the name of the new feature in the search bar. 
  • Scroll down in the search bar to confirm the component you wish to add the feature to. And finally, click on the ‘+’ button. 
  • Your feature will be visible in the treeview section. 

More Settings of a Published Feature

  • Go to the treeview section and expand the feature you want to view the customer feedback of.
  • If you’ve already published the feature, the green tick next to the Customer Feedback button will be visible.
  • Click on it to get all the details of the feature feedback.
  • Similarly, in the Feedback Portal section, click on any feature name and get the necessary details of the feedback.
  • The feedback details will include the comments left by your customers and the priorities they’ve selected.
  • To edit the description and the name of the feature, simply click on the name/description, put in the new details/changes, and press Enter.
    Your changes will be saved and visible in the Customer Portal(s)!
  • Once you get the relevant data from your customers and you wish to unpublish the feature from the customer portal(s), expand the ‘Published in‘ button and toggle off next to the portal, as per your requirements.

Customer/Feedback Portal Tabs

You will need an Enterprise plan to avail this feature.

When you publish a feature on the customer portal, you can also give the status or more context of the feature using the portal tab.

  • Expand the ‘Portal Tab‘ in the right corner of the feedback portal.
  • Here, you can rename, add or delete the portal tabs.
  • If you choose to delete a portal tab, you will need to select a tab where the existing features from this tab will be moved to.
  • To change the portal tab, click on the feature, and change the tab. This will reflect in the customer portal.