Slack Integration

Slack Integration

If you are already using Slack, Chisel’s Slack integration is the perfect tool to keep your entire team on the same page and ensure that everyone’s voices are heard when getting feedback on various features.  

Getting Started

In order to set up your Slack Integration, you first need to visit the integration section under the User Actions tab. In order to do so, click on your name in the top right corner of the screen and then click on integrations.

Once you click on integrations, you will be brought to a screen that shows you all the integrations that you have already set up and other integrations that you can set up.

In order to set up the Slack integration, you will need to click on connect button next to Slack. Once you do, you will be brought to a screen that shows you the steps that you need to follow in order to set up the integration.

First, you need to go create a webhook for your Slack server.

Configure Incoming WebHooks in Slack

Next, you need to follow the instructions on Slack’s website for the webhook, such as naming it, giving it a description, adding it to a channel, and optionally adding an image.

Once you have set up the webhook, copy the webhook URL and paste it into Chisel along with the same channel that you listed when adding the webhook to your Slack server.

Once this is done, the integration is all set up.

Using the Integration

In order to use the integration, go to the Team Participation tab.  Then when requesting a team vote on a feature or a team vote on a specific feature, the option to send out a slack notification will appear.  In order to send a slack notification, simply switch the slider from the email icon to the Slack icon.