Getting Started With Chisel

Getting Started With Chisel

Welcome to Chisel, your ultimate product management software. This guide will show you around Chisel with the help of directly taking you to the relevant articles.

Building a compelling product is a challenging endeavor.  At Chisel, we believe that it is important to have a tool to assist you so you can focus on crafting amazing products.  If you are just getting started using Chisel, there are a few resources you might find helpful:

Product Tour

First is our cursory tour of Chisel.  Inside this tour, you will learn what the three different pillars of product management are and how Chisel enables you to get a complete view of your product. 

Quick Start Guide

Second is our quick-start guide which helps you set up your first product on Chisel. 

The quick-start guide goes through the steps of helping you set up your first component, and first product features, and how to track the progress of your features using releases and our Kanban board.

Helpful Tips

The third is our helpful tips section which provides you with useful information to help you get answers to your questions that may not necessarily align with the other categories in our help center.