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One of the most challenging parts of building a product is determining where and when to allocate resources. Chisel’s features pillar aims to help you solve this problem by giving you access to various tools that make it easier to plan the future of your product. The roadmap pillar is broken down into 4 different tools that were each made to help with different parts of the planning process.

In Chisel, your project is broken down into two smaller groups: components and features. Features are individual tasks or initiatives that accomplish a specific smaller goal. Components are groups of features that all try to accomplish a similar goal or are related in some way shape or form.


The treeview is a tool that lets you add the various features and components that make up your product, score them across certain axis, assign them to specific releases, and see what tasks need to be done at a glance.

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The release view a tool that lets you see in a card style which features are in which release cycles and lets you quickly and easily move features between releases.

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The kanban view is a kanban board that shows you which features are being worked on now, which are in progress, which are being left for future development, and which are already completed now.

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The timeline view is a calendar that shows you which features were being worked on during what time frames, giving you a high level overview of how time was being allocated.

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