How To Use Custom Columns

How To Use Custom Columns

As the name suggests, custom columns are those that you can customize as per your requirements.

Custom columns are handy numerical and categorical fields that allow you to add various additional data or information attached to the features in the roadmap. 

Custom columns are criteria that let you capture that extra nugget of information you can use to evaluate features.

How to Access the Custom Columns Tool?

  • Click on Treeview in the roadmap pillar in your workspace.
  • Here go to the ‘All columns’ and scroll horizontally till the end. Expand the custom columns tab. 

Pro tip: You can rename the columns as you deem fit to reflect your custom columns better. There’s a constraint of only 5 custom fields. For premium & Enterprise workspaces, the custom columns are customizable.

  • Click on ‘+ add another custom column.’ Give the title to your column.
  • Custom columns will be visible in Components and Features’s side panels.

Types of Custom Columns

There are Five types of custom columns for you to select from:

  1. Number
    If you choose a number as the option, you can give a ranking or manually assign a number to that column corresponding to the feature.
  2. Text
    If you want your teammates to write text on the custom column, choose this type.
  3. Selection
    The selection field lets you add options to your custom column. This comes in two subtypes:
    Single Select: In this column, you can select only a single option.
    Multi-select: Here you have the opportunity to select multiple answers/options.
  4. Date
    You get the option of adding dates to your custom column.
  5. Member
    Add the teammate representative next to the feature by using the member option in your custom columns.

Other Functions

  • To hide or delete a particular custom column from the treeview, toggle off the button next to it or click the delete button.
  • If you wish to hide the entire custom column, then toggle off the button at the top.