Create Your First Component

Create Your First Component

Creating your first component is essential for getting acclimated to the Chisel workflow.   

Components in Chisel are large segments of your product. 

Another way to visualize them is by having a component for each of the user epic of your product.

Once you have determined what the components for your product are, you can add them to your Chisel workspace.

To add a component to your product in the Feature Treeview section, you can click on the plus button next to the name of the product on your treeview. 

Once you do, a textbox will appear below the product’s name. 

You can type the name of your component and hit enter to add the component.

To add a component in Kanban and Release view, click next to the product.

Once you do, a text field will appear, letting you enter the name of your component.

Once you have typed in the name, you can click on Add.

Congratulations! You now have the skills to create components for your product.