How to Use Team Participation

How to Use Team Participation

If you were ever at a point where getting a lot of people or a core person to evaluate specific features was challenging then this is the perfect time to use Chisel’s Team Participation view.

The team participation view was crafted for solely two reasons:

  1. To get votes from your teammates on features 
  2. To view the score difference and decide on building features accordingly.

Two Screens of the Team Participation View

  • Once you click on’ Team Participation‘ in the left navigation bar, you will be brought to the Team Participation landing page.
  • You will have the option to switch between two views:
    • By Team Member
    • By Feature
  • If you wish to select the teammates first and then select the features on which the vote will be requested, go for the first option.
  • A list of teammates appears.
  • Select multiple users and click on the ‘Get Feature Feedback’ button.
  • Select the features and hit the ‘Request Vote’ button. 
  • Your teammates will receive the email notification.

Follow a similar workflow for the ‘By Feature’ screen too.

View Scores

  • Upon clicking on the name, you will be able to see the score given by the team member
  • If you wish to see the score difference, click on the feature and get the score difference next to the team member.

Other Ways to Request a Team Vote 

  • Click on ‘Request Team Vote
  • Edit the messaging
  • Select the option to send it via:
  1. Email
  2. Slack 
  3. MS Teams 

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