Access the History of an Item

Access the History of an Item

Get a view of the feature activity that captures all the changes made by teammates for various fields. This could be for anything changed manually, such as the statuses, or when an item is added/updated through the integration process. 

How Do You Find the Item History?

  • Open any item side panel
  • In the Activity tab, switch to Activity.
  • Clicking on it, you’ll be able to see all the changes made to any feature till that time. 

The activity changes visible will include:

  1. Item field updates such as labels, attachments, team members assigned, name and description change, etc.
  2. Prioritization drivers, schedules, linked ideas and publishing features on portals
  3. Other columns like custom, objectives etc
  4. When items are archived and unarchived
  5. Item has been added/updated via integrations 

Limitations: You can’t undo and delete the activity history