Save and Share: Treeview

Save and Share: Treeview

Planning, saving, and sharing the features’ progress with relevant persons is key to keeping everyone on the same page. Chisel’s Save and Share tool helps you to share only the part concerning that individual/ team and not bombard them with loads of information. 

Filtering and Saving View

Your current configuration is captured when you save a view which can be useful for later referencing or sharing with teammates. 

In Treeview, on the top right corner of your workplace, click on ‘Filter.’ Here filter the features as per their score, statuses, and other factors. 

The ‘show’ button allows you to toggle between making the columns visible and invisible. 

Once you do so, the ‘Save view’ button is enabled. You can expand the button next to the ‘Save view’ and ‘Discard changes’ if need be. 

Click on ‘Save view’ to save your existing view with the latest changes. However, if you wish to add a new view, click on ‘Save as new.’ This will allow your existing view to save as a new view with the latest changes. 

A view captures the following configurations:

  • The columns you are showing
  • Filtered features 
  • The way features are sorted, e.g., prioritization score

Rename, Duplicate and Delete a View

In your saved view list, additional options exist for renaming, deleting, and duplicating the view. Changes you make to a particular view will also be reflected for everyone with access to the view. 

Toggling Between Views

Switching between views is easier by searching the view’s name and clicking on it. 

Sharing the Saved View

After you have saved the view, you can share it by copying the URL of your workspace.