How To Add Custom Fields to Ideas in Idea Box

How To Add Custom Fields to Ideas in Idea Box

How to Access Custom Fields in Idea Box?

  • Go to the ideabox tool, and click on the ‘Configure’ button at the top right corner of the workspace.

Pro tip: You can access the ‘Configure’ button in the roadmap pillar as well as from the ‘workspace’ in the left navigation bar under ‘All Configurations.’

  • Click on ‘Add another Custom Field.’ Once you do, add the custom field title and description you’d like to display in the boxes.
  • Lastly, click on ‘Add custom field‘ button to save the changes.
  • You can view the custom fields in Idea Box’s side panel.

Types of Custom Fields

There are six types of custom fields for you to select from:

  1. Number
    If you choose a number as the option, your team members can give a ranking or manually assign a number to that idea.
  2. Text
    The Text option allows you to give your teams space to add brief details about the idea.
  3. Single Select
    The selection field lets you add options to your custom field.
  4. Multi-Select
    This allows you to select various options at once.
  5. Date
    You get the option of adding dates to your ideas with this field.
  6. Descriptive Text
    With the descriptive text custom field, you can add detailed information about the concerned idea using pointers, headings, attachments, etc.

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