Jira Integration

Jira Integration

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If you are already using both Jira and Chisel, Chisel’s Jira integration is the perfect tool for you to ensure that work items are synchronized between the two platforms.

Getting Started

In order to set up your Jira Integration, you first need to visit the integration section under the User Actions tab. In order to do so click on your name in the top right corner of the screen and then click on integrations.

Once you click on integrations you will be brought to a screen that shows you all the integrations that you have already set up and other integrations that you can set up.

Jira Integration

In order to set up the integration click on the connect button next to Jira.

Once you do you will be brought to a screen that asks you to enter the name of the Jira workspace that you want to connect your Chisel workspace to.

Once you enter a link and proceed to the next page you will be brought to a screen that displays all the information that you will need to enter into Jira in the order that it appears.

When all the information has been entered into Jira and the setup is complete you will now be able to quickly and easily sync work items between the two platforms.  

Once the integration is complete it will appear in the integrations list.

Using the Jira Integration

Import Items from Jira into Chisel

Import items from Jira into Chisel

In order to import items from Jira into Chisel go to the integrations list and click on the active Jira Integration.  Upon clicking on this button you will be brought to a screen that shows you the various Jira projects and lets you perform a Jira Query Search in order to look up specific work items or set of work items.  Once you find the items that you want to import into Chisel simply click on the checkboxes on the right and select a component to import these work items into.  

Import Items from Chisel into Jira

In order to import items from Chisel into Jira go to the treeview.  Once on the treeview open the side panel for a feature that you want to push to Jira.  Click on the plus button next to Jira Integration and a list of Jira Projects will appear.  Click on the project that you want the feature to be pushed to and then select the type of Jira Issue the feature is.