Helpful Tips

Helpful Tips

Chisel is a straightforward tool to craft amazing products. However, to get the most out of your Chisel experience, you must consider the following tips and tricks.

Team Alignment

Chisel lets you prioritize features on the basis of team alignment.

You can avoid conflict and confusion and invest that time and effort in working toward the common goal.

Audience Panel

When you don’t have an audience to send a survey to, Chisel comes to the rescue!

You can customize your target audience and distribute your questionnaire to them directly.

Prioritization Score

Chisel gives you an upper hand in creating the prioritization drivers so that you can evaluate every feature. Doing so will provide you with a prioritization score which you can use to compare your features to one another.

Archive Features

With Chisel, you can archive and delete an item as per your requirement.

Note: Click here to learn how to keep your workspace clean by archiving old features and components.

Grouping features will give you ample benefits such as handling features efficiently, tracking them, and getting to know how they are related.

Chisel gives you space to track the progress of your features and understand how they affect each other by using the grouping tool.

Note: If you have various related features and want to learn how to track them, click here.

Feature Feedback

When you have built a feature for your product and want to get valuable feedback from your teammates, you can request a team vote wherein your team members can rate your features.

Note: If you want to learn how to get feature feedback, click here.

Creating Labels

With Chisel’s ‘Labels’ option, you can use colorful tags to get the attention of your team members and mark any critical information.

Note: To dive deep into how to use labels, click here.