How to Use the Release View

How to Use the Release View Table of Content Release Landing Page Adding a Release ============================================ Chisel’s release view gives users the ability to easily visualize what their release cycles will look like and which features will belong to each release cycle. Release Landing Page Upon clicking the release view on the left you will… Continue reading How to Use the Release View

How to Use the Treeview

How to Use the Treeview Table of Content Features and Components Rating Features and Prioritization Score Objectives Releases Tasks Feature Side Panel =============================================== Chisel’s treeview gives users an easy way to go about and rate the various features that they are working on and thinking of adding to their product. Determining what features or initiatives… Continue reading How to Use the Treeview

Features Overview

How to use Features? Table of Content Treeview Releases Kanban Timeline ============================================== One of the most challenging parts of building a product is determining where and when to allocate resources. Chisel’s features pillar aims to help you solve this problem by giving you access to various tools that make it easier to plan the future… Continue reading Features Overview

Overview Videos

Overview Craft Amazing Product Using Chisel Perfectly balance the three dimensions of Product Management: Product roadmaps, Customer focus and Team alignment. Roadmaps Powerful feature management and prioritization templates that help you deliver the right product at the right time within your resources budget Team Radar Team misalignment is the largest productivity killer in the workplace.… Continue reading Overview Videos