How to Use Team Score

How to Use Team Score

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Once you and your team have rated the various features in your product in the “Your Score” view you can use the “Team Score” view to see how similarly everyone thought about the product.  The “Team Score” view tries to show at a glance how similarly everyone thought about various feature in a product by having both a histogram of the distribution of rating and a score that calculates how aligned everyone is.

Team Score Landing Page

Once you click on the “Team Score” button on the left navigation bar you will be brought to the “Team Score” page.  Once you are on the landing page the distribution of everything visible will be similar to that of the “Your Score” page with all the features being able to be seen by scrolling down the product, the prioritization score calculated in the treeview being directly to the right of the feature with the only difference being the histogram of scores taking the place of the your score slider and the alignment score replacing the comment box.

Team Score Histogram

The histogram shows the distribution of all the different ratings of features across the team.  The taller the bar in the graph the more people agreed with a specific score. The various lengths of the bars correspond to the intervals denoted on the left-hand side of the graph.

Alignment Score

The alignment score is meant to show how similarly everyone viewed a specific feature.  If everyone scored a feature the same the alignment score would be higher and if people were very split the alignment score would be much lower.